NewsTrackPro is the leading business intelligence report from Universal Information Services.

Universal has provided news monitoring, research and media analysis services since 1908. A company like ours isn’t in business for over 100 years without understanding the art and science of communication . We’ve done that by doing two things — innovating on the latest technology and applying innovation to our clients’ needs.

We build each account around what is truly needed rather than trying to fit clients into a set of pre-existing SaaS services. Universal is also unique in that we provide a complete range of media monitoring, PR measurement and media analysis services. ¬†We are one of only a few companies that provides effective monitoring solutions for all media … Print, Broadcast, Web, and Social … and has a media measurement department providing deeper insights for clients.

Our job is to provide exactly what meets your needs

Universal is a Veteran-Owned company. Our team is proud of who we are and what we accomplish. It’s not just our strategy, but the culture we foster at Universal that makes us different. To better understand our philosophy, view this recent video.