Let us show you the true meaning, impact and ROI of your PR efforts. Insight, not just data.

Professionally constructed digest of the day's most important news.

This highly filtered report is essential for agile corporations, agencies or government organizations that want to respond to competitive news and the media impacting them on a daily basis.

Real Reports and News to Start Your Day

NewsTrackPro reports are generated with the same protocol used in our industry-leading media analysis. No inefficient, automated search results. No false hits from inaccurate algorithms. Our reports deliver only select, hard-core news that may impact stock prices, affect your competitive edge, or alter your strategic direction. Relative to competing products, a report from NewsTrackPro represents a great value.

Competitive Intelligence or Business Intelligence

With dedicated journalists assigned to creating your daily report, we ensure the highest quality of stories. Whether its tracking your competition or needing to know what forces will impact your day, starting your morning with our reports can be the difference. Let Universal Information Services keep you informed. We deliver more than data . . . we give you the knowledge you need. Call to discuss the value these reports could bring to your organization.  Call (800) 408-3178. (sample report)